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Fellow Country Star and Jason Aldean Pal Says ‘Try That in a Small Town’ Is Just ‘Bad Songwriting’

Title: Fellow Country Star and Jason Aldean Pal Says ‘Try That in a Small Town’ Is Just ‘Bad Songwriting’


In the world of music, artists often face criticism and praise from countless individuals, including their peers. Recently, a fellow country star and friend of Jason Aldean, who prefers to remain anonymous, voiced their thoughts on his hit song ‘Try That in a Small Town,’ claiming that it fell short in terms of songwriting quality. While it is essential to appreciate diverse opinions, let us delve into this contrasting perspective, focusing purely on the criticism rather than altering any names or locations mentioned.

A Dispute over Songwriting Quality

The anonymous country star made a direct statement about ‘Try That in a Small Town,’ suggesting that it exemplifies poor songwriting. However, it is crucial to recognize that music is subjective, and what may resonate with one person may not speak to another. The beauty of art lies in its ability to provoke different emotions and interpretations among listeners.

Delving into ‘Try That in a Small Town’

‘Try That in a Small Town’ is a track known for its catchy melody and relatable lyrics, reflecting the struggles and triumphs of life in rural areas. It speaks of small-town values, traditions, and the close-knit nature of those communities. The song has resonated deeply with fans and became an anthem for rural living.

Understanding the Critic’s Perspective

The criticism towards the song stems from the belief that it reinforces cliches rather than offering a fresh perspective. The anonymous individual argues that ‘Try That in a Small Town’ fails to explore the complexities of small-town life and instead relies on commonly held stereotypes. They suggest that by doing so, the song falls short in terms of creative storytelling and innovative songwriting.

The Value of Different Opinions

Criticism plays a vital role in any creative field, including songwriting. Honest feedback helps artists grow and refine their craft, fostering new ideas and approaches. It is essential to have contrasting opinions to encourage diversity and growth within the music industry.

Jason Aldean’s Legacy and Success

Despite this critique, it is important to note that Jason Aldean has built a remarkable career in country music. From chart-topping hits to sold-out shows, Aldean has consistently dazzled fans with his distinctive style and relatable storytelling. His music has resonated with millions across the globe, contributing to his status as one of the genre’s leading figures.


In the dynamic world of music, opinions can significantly differ when it comes to evaluating an artist’s work, as exemplified by the anonymous country star’s critique of Jason Aldean’s hit song ‘Try That in a Small Town.’ While this critique suggests that the song lacks originality in terms of songwriting, it is crucial to remember that songs are subjective, connecting with audiences in unique ways. The contrasting opinions only serve to stimulate the ongoing creative journey and fuel artistic growth within the industry. Ultimately, it is the listeners who hold the final verdict regarding the music’s resonance and impact.

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