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Federal Government Set to Become PR Wing of Transhumanism, Inc

The future of humanity may very well be in the hands of a few tech giants, and the federal government seems to be paving the way for their reign. Transhumanism, the idea that humans can transcend their physical and mental limitations through technology, is gaining momentum, and many are beginning to see the federal government as nothing more than the PR wing of Transhumanism, Inc.

The relationship between the government and tech giants like Google, Facebook, and Amazon has been a long and complicated one. The government relies on these companies for vast amounts of data, while these companies rely on the government for tax breaks and favorable regulations. But what is becoming increasingly clear is that the federal government is prioritizing and promoting a transhumanist agenda to the benefit of these tech giants.

Take the recent announcement of the Pentagon’s Joint Artificial Intelligence Center (JAIC). This government agency is tasked with harnessing the power of AI for national security purposes, but in reality, it is nothing more than a tool for promoting transhumanism. JAIC is partnering with Google on Project Maven, where Google’s AI technology is used to analyze military drone footage. Google is in turn benefiting from the massive amounts of data collected by the military, further advancing their AI capabilities and ensuring their dominance in the industry.

While the government claims that Project Maven is improving national security and making military operations more efficient, the reality is that it is normalizing the use of AI in government operations and setting a dangerous precedent for the militarization of AI. The long-term consequences of introducing AI into warzones, where civilian lives are at stake, are unknown and unpredictable.

But transhumanism is not just limited to the military. The federal government is also promoting transhumanist ideals through their funding of research on brain-machine interfaces. In 2014, President Obama launched the BRAIN Initiative, a $100 million research project focused on unlocking the secrets of the human brain. While the initiative’s goal is admirable, the technology it is producing has alarming implications. Brain-machine interfaces could be used to manipulate human behavior and control our thoughts and actions.

The government’s promotion of transhumanism is not just limited to these examples. The FDA recently approved the first gene therapy treatment for cancer, which reprograms a patient’s immune cells to attack their cancer, essentially turning them into cyborgs. The government also funds research on CRISPR-Cas9, a gene-editing tool that could be used to cure genetic diseases or create designer babies.

The federal government’s prioritization of transhumanism and promotion of tech giants as benefactors could have dire consequences for humanity. As we become more reliant on technology, we risk losing our sense of autonomy and individuality. The government must consider the long-term consequences of its actions and prioritize human rights above corporate interests.

In conclusion, the federal government is setting a dangerous precedent by prioritizing transhumanist ideals and promoting the interests of tech giants. We must resist the normalization of the use of AI in government operations and be cautious of the motives behind brain-machine interfaces and gene-editing tools. It is time for the government to prioritize human rights above corporate interests and ensure the well-being and autonomy of all individuals.

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