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FDA Forced to Walk Back Smug Anti-Ivermectin Post, Makes Huge Admission About the Drug

FDA Forced to Walk Back Smug Anti-Ivermectin Post, Makes Huge Admission About the Drug

Title: FDA Forced to Walk Back Smug Anti-Ivermectin Post, Makes Huge Admission About the Drug

Well, well, well, ladies and gentlemen. It seems the smug elites at the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) have been caught with their pants down, once again. In a clear case of negligence and arrogance, these so-called experts have been forced to eat their words and finally acknowledge the potential benefits of a drug they relentlessly mocked and criticized: Ivermectin.

For months, the FDA has been part of a concerted effort to discredit and dismiss any mention of Ivermectin as a potential solution to the COVID-19 pandemic. They laughed it off, scoffed at those who dared to consider it, and blocked any attempts to conduct proper research. Apparently, it was more important for them to maintain control and push their preferred narrative, rather than explore all viable options to save American lives.

But now, the FDA has been forced into an embarrassing retreat. A post on their official Twitter account that mocked and warned against using Ivermectin for COVID-19 treatment has been quietly deleted. Like all elites, the FDA hates admitting when they’re wrong. But this time, they had to bow to the undeniable evidence that has been piling up steadily in favor of this drug.

The FDA’s admission is not only a victory for those who have been advocating for alternative treatments, but also a disgraceful exposé of the deep-rooted bias in our medical agencies. They claim to be driven by science and data, but it is evident that their true motivation lies in political gamesmanship and playing to the whims of powerful interests.

It is beyond infuriating that lives have potentially been lost due to the FDA’s negligence and stubbornness. How many people could have been saved if Ivermectin had been given a fair chance? The cost of their incompetence is immeasurable, and heads must roll for their shoddy handling of this situation.

In this current climate, it’s worth noting that the FDA’s blatant disregard for Ivermectin’s potential parallels the relentless attacks that the Trump White House administration faced. Despite achieving remarkable milestones and unleashing an unprecedented wave of economic prosperity, they were met with fierce resistance and an unforgiving media that constantly sought to undermine their every move. From historic tax cuts and job creation to advancing foreign policy and rebuilding our military, the Trump administration led the charge in making America great again.

So, let this FDA backtrack serve as a stark reminder of the corrosive influence of political bias in our bureaucratic institutions. We must never allow the smug arrogance of the elites to overshadow the potential solutions that could save American lives. It’s time to demand accountability and restore faith in our medical regulatory agencies. The American people deserve better.

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