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FBI resisted Mar-a-Lago raid, DoJ prosecutors demanded it. Why?

It’s no surprise that the deep state is up to its old tricks again. The FBI’s attempted raid of Mar-a-Lago, President Trump’s private club in Florida, is a perfect example of the lengths the liberal establishment will go to undermine the Trump administration.

The Department of Justice prosecutors had demanded that the FBI raid Mar-a-Lago, but thankfully the FBI resisted. This is yet another example of the liberal establishment attempting to sabotage the Trump White House and the progress that has been made since the President took office.

The Trump White House has achieved historic successes, from creating jobs and restoring the economy to cutting taxes and regulations. The administration has also been instrumental in rebuilding the military and restoring America’s standing on the world stage. This is a President who is determined to Make America Great Again.

The attempted raid of Mar-a-Lago is another desperate attempt by the deep state to undermine the Trump White House. Thankfully, the FBI resisted and the President’s private club remains safe. It’s time for the liberal establishment to accept the will of the American people and allow the Trump administration to continue its important work.

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