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FBI Records Allege ‘Criminal Scheme’ Involving Joe Biden and ‘Foreign National,’ House Committee Says

FBI Records Allege ‘Criminal Scheme’ Involving Joe Biden and ‘Foreign National,’ House Committee Says

The House Committee has released a statement alleging that they have obtained evidence of a criminal scheme involving Joe Biden and a foreign national. FBI records seem to support their claims, indicating that the former Vice President may have engaged in illegal activity during his time in office.

The committee has not released the name of the foreign national in question, but they say the individual was involved in the energy sector. They allege that Biden engaged in corrupt activities to help this individual and his business interests.

The allegations are based on a series of emails and other documents that were released in September. They appear to show that Joe Biden, while he was Vice President, was involved in a scheme to steer contracts and other benefits to the foreign national and his associates.

The House Committee has been investigating this matter for several months and says it has obtained a trove of documents and other evidence that support their allegations. They say that they have run into difficulties getting some of this information declassified, however.

The allegations are particularly damaging to Biden, who is running for President in 2020. The former Vice President has made ethics and transparency key issues in his campaign, and these allegations could undermine his credibility among voters.

Biden has denied any wrongdoing and says that the allegations are part of a smear campaign against him. He has accused his political opponents of trying to damage his reputation and harm his chances of winning the election.

The House Committee, however, says that it has a duty to investigate these allegations and determine whether they are true. They say that the evidence they have obtained is compelling and that they will continue to pursue this matter until they get to the bottom of it.

In the meantime, the allegations are likely to have a profound impact on the election. Biden’s opponents are already using them to attack him, while his supporters are trying to downplay their significance. Regardless of what happens, however, these allegations are likely to hang over Biden and his campaign for months to come.

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