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FBI documents associate internet slang with ‘extremism’ – One America News Network

FBI documents associate internet slang with ‘extremism’ – One America News Network

American flags fly over the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) building July 18, 2001 in Washington, D. C. The agency announced on that 449 of its weapons and 184 of its laptop computers were stolen or lost. (Photo by Alex Wong/Getty Images)

OAN Geraldyn Berry
UPDATED 4:51 PM – Wednesday, April 19, 2023

A new set of documents made public on Monday shared that the FBI has linked “Violent Extremism” to common internet slang.

The Oversight Project at the Heritage Foundation claimed to have obtained FBI files through a Freedom of Information Act request, including glossaries indicating that common internet slang had been marked as a sign of “Involuntary Celibate Violent Extremism” or “Racially or Ethnically Motivated Violent Extremism.”

Many of the terms mentioned in the FBI’s list of “incel” terminology are either widely used across the internet or innocuous in nature.

A section of the document particularly mentions incels, which is a term for individuals who are “involuntary celibate,” that may be considering violence “in support of their beliefs that society unfairly denies them sexual or romantic attention, to which they believe they are entitled,” according to the threat overview.

It is described as “a belief shared by many online communities that society is corrupt and that the believer is a victim of this corruption” in the FBI list of key phrases.

The word “Chad” is described in the glossary as a “Race-specific term used to describe the idealized version of a male, who is very successful at getting sexual and romantic attention from women,” adding that “incels unsuccessfully compete against Chads for attention.”

The phrase “Looksmaxxing” was also on the list. According to the document, it is the “process of self-improvement with the intent to become more attractive.”

There are other phrases that connote self-pity rather than violence, such as “It’s Over” to express “the hopelessness of being an incel” or “heightcel” or “baldcel” to describe those who are small in stature or are bald.

There are both extreme and neutral keywords on the FBI list of words connected to “Racially or Ethnically Motivated Violent Extremism” (RMVE).

The term “Red Pill” also occurs on this list, although it is defined differently, “In the context of RMVE ideology, taking the red pill or becoming ‘redpilled’ indicates the adoption of racist, anti-Semitic, or fascist beliefs.”

According to the FBI, the term “based” is used to “refer to someone who has been converted to racist ideology, or as a way of indicating ideological agreement.” According to ‘KnowYourMeme’, the term “based” can refer to anything from “something that is ‘agreeable’ and ‘cool,’” to “considered anti-woke.” It was first used in context by rapper Lil B.

The phrase “LARPing,” which was first applied to persons who participated in live-action roleplay, frequently as characters in fantastical environments, is also on the list. The word can refer to those with unrealistic or impossible political beliefs, such as those who envision a monarchist future for the United States.

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