A video watched over 3 million times on Twitter alone claims President Trump and his son Don Jr. watched protesters swarm the Capitol Building in real-time while jovially listening to music.

The clip made the song “Gloria” by Laura Branigan shoot up to the #12 trending spot on Twitter.

Originally posted by a self-described, “godless succubus,” the caption for the viral video read, “T r e a s o n: The Trump crime family watched & supervised the violence on the Capitol from their own ‘Situation Room.’ These chinless wonders of grifters are so pleased, Jr filmed it in real time, encouraging the violence, all overseen by daddy crime lord emperor conman DJTrump.”

In reality, the footage was taken just before Donald Trump Jr. spoke to the crowd at the Save America Rally, which took place hours before anyone stormed the Capitol.

The Twitter user also called for the Trumps to be arrested.

While this piece of left-wing disinformation is promoted by Twitter’s actual “trending” section, President Trump was censored by Twitter for posting a video calling for peace.

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