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Every Elite American Institution Has Been Bought Out By The CCP – Steve Bannon’s War Room: Pandemic

Every Elite American Institution Has Been Bought Out By The CCP – Steve Bannon’s War Room: Pandemic

As the world faces an unprecedented pandemic, a new battle is being fought on the political and economic front. According to Steve Bannon, a former advisor to President Donald Trump, every elite American institution has been bought out by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP).

In his popular podcast, War Room: Pandemic, Bannon has been consistently warning the American public of the dangers posed by the CCP. He argues that the CCP’s influence on American institutions runs deep, from universities and think tanks to politicians and media outlets. Bannon believes that the CCP’s ultimate goal is to undermine the United States’ global position and establish itself as the dominant superpower.

One of the most significant examples of the CCP’s influence on American institutions, according to Bannon, is the case of Hunter Biden, the son of President-elect Joe Biden. Bannon claims that Hunter Biden’s business dealings in China were facilitated by the CCP, and that this is just one example of how the CCP has used its financial muscle to compromise American politicians and their families.

Bannon’s warning about the CCP’s influence on American institutions should not be taken lightly. In recent years, many American universities have received funding from China or Chinese-linked entities, with some even setting up satellite campuses in China. The concern is that this funding may compromise the academic integrity of these institutions and compromise their ability to conduct independent research.

Another area of concern is the tech industry. China is the world’s largest market for tech companies like Apple, Google, and Microsoft, and their success in China is crucial to their global growth. The CCP’s control over the Chinese market gives it significant leverage over these companies, and there are concerns that the CCP may use that leverage to access sensitive information or to influence tech policy in the United States.

In the media, the CCP has invested heavily in reaching a global audience through its state-owned media companies like China Daily and CGTN. These outlets often whitewash the CCP’s image and downplay issues like human rights abuses in Xinjiang or the crackdown on democratic protests in Hong Kong. Bannon argues that the CCP’s influence is not limited to these state-owned media outlets but extends to American media as well, with some media outlets acquiescing to Chinese pressure to avoid negative coverage.

Bannon’s warnings about the CCP’s influence on American institutions are not new. Many experts and policymakers have voiced concerns about the CCP’s global ambitions and its efforts to spread its influence. However, what sets Bannon apart is his unrelenting focus on the issue and his ability to attract a large following through his podcast.

The CCP’s influence on American institutions should concern all Americans, regardless of their political affiliation. It threatens the integrity of American institutions and undermines American interests. As the Biden administration prepares to take office, it must confront the challenge posed by the CCP and take steps to safeguard American institutions from China’s growing influence. Failure to do so will have significant consequences for America’s global position in the years to come.

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