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Unusual Critters – IOTW Report

Unusual Critters – IOTW ReportUnusual Critters – IOTW Report" title="Unusual Critters – IOTW Report" onerror="this.src=''; jQuery(this).removeAttr('srcset');"/>

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1) Claudia (Gypsy Moths) laying egg nests on a Red Maple. First time I’ve seen them do this. Researched them and found out the caterpillars will defoliate the tree in one season. Killed them with a soapy treatment.
2) Claudia (Dobson Fly) Glad it was dead when found or else I would have freaked out! Turns out they are harmless. This is the male who only lives for a few days to mate. The larvae live in the water (the pond) and eat mosquito larvae. Now I won’t kill any of these if I see them!
3) (Green Stink Bug)
4) (Brown Deer)
5) (Puffin)
6) (Lizard)

To submit your critter pictures for a future Sunday Critters, please email them to:


A picture you/family/friend took and agree to publish here. NO images found on the internet.

‘Critters’ in the subject line.

Your screen name.

Your critter’s name (or species, if not your pet).

Comments about the critter you want to share.

NEEDED: If your picture is for any of the following themes, please name the theme.

8-27 I’m So Proud That I’m Humble – Please have your pictures in to me by FRIDAY at NOON. – All critters are humble, right? Wait until they do something dumb, THEN they are humble.
9-3 Labor Day – Show us your laborious critters. Or maybe critters watching YOU be laborious.
9-17 Belly Up – Critters trust their humans by showing you their belly. Does your critter trust you? Theme idea from Old Guy.

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