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Rich Men North of Richmond is the anthem of the overlooked

Rich Men North of Richmond is the anthem of the overlookedRich Men North of Richmond is the anthem of the overlooked" title="Rich Men North of Richmond is the anthem of the overlooked" onerror="this.src=''; jQuery(this).removeAttr('srcset');"/>

Carl Higbie, a prominent conservative voice, recently weighed in on the changing dynamics of the political climate. This is not simply a matter of left versus right; it is about the division between the “ordinary” citizen and the “elite” who run the nation.

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The latest cultural thermometer, a song titled “Rich Men North of Richmond,” speaks to this sentiment. Reflecting the frustrations of average Americans, the track takes aim at the “one-party elite” who rule while everyday citizens bear the brunt of their policies. The message of the song is clear: the government is overstepping its bounds and the people are fed up.

Higbie expressed personal resonance with the song, lamenting the incessant taxes he pays but sees little in return in terms of infrastructure or services. He points to the deterioration of the value of the dollar without corresponding tax cuts and the apparent apathy of civil servants, who he feels do not embody the “civilian” or “service” aspects of their duties.

Carl does not shy away from foreign policy either. With biting sarcasm, he highlights the stark contradiction of a government that sends vast sums of money abroad to hostile nations while ignoring domestic problems such as border control in Texas. The waste doesn’t end there. Higbie explains the absurd ways tax dollars are being spent, like studying shrimp on treadmills, while meaningful natural disaster relief efforts at home remain unfunded.

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And then there’s the issue of the Second Amendment. In a searing critique, Higbie blasts the current administration for handing over military equipment to the Taliban while actively trying to curtail the Second Amendment rights of law-abiding American citizens. The irony is not lost on him.

The sentiment is clear: There is a sense of betrayal by a government that unleashes dangerous criminals onto the streets while making it difficult to protect law-abiding citizens. Furthermore, the government’s interest in monitoring and spying on its citizens, along with its inconsistent handling of key incidents and figures in recent history, adds fuel to the fire of discontent.

Carl Higbie’s farewell message is a plea for the elite—the “rich men north of Richmond”—to try to live a normal American life, to feel the weight of the burdens they have placed on everyday citizens. Because, as Higbie and many others see, the average American is tired of bearing the brunt without a voice. The overwhelming popularity of “Rich Men North of Richmond” is proof of that.

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