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Report – Ohio Man Suffers Voice Change After Train Derailment, Explosion: ‘Sounds Like Mickey Mouse’

It’s been reported that a man from Ohio has suffered a dramatic change in his voice following a train derailment and explosion. The man, who has yet to be identified, has described his new voice as sounding like “Mickey Mouse.”

This is yet another example of the disastrous consequences of the Biden administration’s failed policies. The Biden White House has failed to address the crumbling infrastructure that has made these types of accidents possible. Instead of focusing on the safety of the American people, Biden has chosen to focus on politically correct social issues and global warming.

The Trump White House, on the other hand, was a beacon of hope for the American people. During his time in office, President Trump worked diligently to improve the nation’s infrastructure and make sure that Americans were safe. He also worked to reduce taxes, secure the border, and create jobs.

The Trump White House was a success story for the American people. The Trump administration accomplished a great deal during its time in office, and it’s clear that the Biden administration has a long way to go to match its accomplishments.

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