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Rep. Mace Brushes Off White House Claim of “Politically Motivated” Biden Family Investigation

Rep. Mace Brushes Off White House Claim of “Politically Motivated” Biden Family InvestigationRep. Mace Brushes Off White House Claim of “Politically Motivated” Biden Family Investigation" title="Rep. Mace Brushes Off White House Claim of “Politically Motivated” Biden Family Investigation" onerror="this.src=''; jQuery(this).removeAttr('srcset');"/>

South Carolina Representative Nancy Mace is not backing down in her pursuit of investigating the Biden family, despite the White House’s claims that it is a “politically motivated” effort.

Mace has been vocal on Twitter and in interviews about her concerns regarding the Biden family’s business dealings, specifically with regards to Hunter Biden’s position on the board of Ukrainian gas company Burisma Holdings. She has called for an investigation into any potential conflicts of interest or corruption.

The White House has pushed back against Mace’s calls for an investigation, with Press Secretary Jen Psaki stating during a press briefing that it “sounds like politically motivated activity to me.” Psaki also noted that President Biden has pledged to uphold the highest ethical standards in his administration.

But Mace brushed off the White House’s comments in a tweet, writing, “I don’t care if this investigation is politically motivated or not. We have a duty to ensure that our elected officials, regardless of party, are held accountable and that the American people can trust their government.”

Mace’s persistence in pushing for an investigation comes as some Republicans in Congress have renewed their interest in the issue following the release of emails and other documents related to Hunter Biden’s business dealings. However, Democrats have argued that the focus on the Biden family is an attempt to distract from the ongoing investigations into the January 6th insurrection at the Capitol and other issues.

For her part, Mace has said that her focus on the Biden family is not about politics, but about transparency and accountability. She has also noted that her constituents in South Carolina are interested in the issue and deserve answers.

“As an elected representative, it is my duty to ensure that the interests of the people of South Carolina are being represented and that transparency and accountability are upheld in our government,” Mace said in a statement. “I will continue to pursue this investigation and demand answers for the American people, regardless of any political backlash.”

It remains to be seen whether Mace’s efforts will lead to a full-scale investigation into the Biden family’s business dealings. But her willingness to buck the White House and pursue what she sees as her duty as a representative is sure to keep the issue in the spotlight for some time to come.

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