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New York children kicked out to make room for migrants ‘No more room’

New York children kicked out to make room for migrants ‘No more room’" title="New York children kicked out to make room for migrants ‘No more room’" />

New York City is not handling the influx of illegal immigrants well, and it is America’s children who are paying the price.

When New York’s children returned to school, 21,000 of them were turned away due to the arrival of migrant children.

At one Long Island City high school, a line to get in stretched around the block.

“But don’t worry, a 15-year-old illegal immigrant from Venezuela said he’s excited for his first day of high school,” says Sara Gonzales.

“Not so good, though, if you’re a kid, an American kid, in New York City who’s being displaced by illegals,” he adds.

Eric July points out that most people who think immigration won’t hurt the country don’t realize that, yes, America has a finite amount of space.

“People act like this isn’t even a thing, right?” says July “It’s just, ‘Okay, the United States is big, it’s got all this land, just bring each and every individual here. These people are looking for better lives and that’s it.”

“But they never look at the short-term and especially the long-term issues, even the cultural issues, the cultural conflicts, which can and have arisen from this,” he adds.

John Doyle agrees.

“We don’t need that many people,” Doyle says. “They’re clogging up the housing markets, the highway system.”

“This is not why we built this country. We didn’t build it for Venezuelans, we built it for Americans. Sorry, but that seems to be the case,” he adds.

Gonzales points out that while those who disagree might think that’s not a compassionate way to look at the situation, they overlook those who really need that compassion who were born and raised in America.

“We have all these homeless people who are being displaced back into New York City,” he says.

“We are choosing as a nation not to be compassionate to our own in exchange for being compassionate to the citizens of other countries.”

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