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New evidence connects Joe Biden to Hunter’s Chinese business ventures

New evidence connects Joe Biden to Hunter’s Chinese business venturesNew evidence connects Joe Biden to Hunter’s Chinese business ventures" title="New evidence connects Joe Biden to Hunter’s Chinese business ventures" onerror="this.src=''; jQuery(this).removeAttr('srcset');"/>

In a recent revelation, an email has come to light that demonstrates President Joe Biden’s acknowledgment and approval of his son Hunter Biden’s business dealings with his partner, Devon Archer. The Biden crime family’s connection to the Chinese is raising new questions about the integrity and legitimacy of the Biden regime.

The email in question dates back to 2011, when Joe Biden was serving as vice president under the Obama administration. After a lunch meeting with Chinese President Hu Jintao, Joe Biden personally communicated his joy at seeing Hunter and Archer working together.

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Hunter Biden, who has been at the center of controversy over his international business dealings, had previously claimed that his father had no knowledge of his business affairs. However, the recent email seems to contradict that claim. It was Joe Biden who wrote to Devon Archer after the meeting: “Happy that you are together,” clearly indicating that he was aware of their professional relationships.

The email casts new doubt on the president’s previous claims of ignorance about his son’s questionable foreign business ties. Critics argue that the communication between father and son contradicts Biden’s repeated assurances to the American public that he knew nothing of his son’s business ventures.

Additionally, this revelation adds to the mounting evidence against Hunter Biden, suggesting a significant conflict of interest regarding the Biden crime family’s dealings with foreign entities. The email sheds further light on the close relationship between Biden and his son’s business partner, Devon Archer.

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As a wave of skepticism washes over the Biden regime, one thing is clear: There are still many questions to be answered about the depth and breadth of the Biden family’s foreign business connections, particularly with China. As these controversies persist, demands for transparency from the Biden administration are growing, with calls for full disclosure of all business ties and dealings that could compromise the integrity of the presidency.

I can’t wait to see how supporters of the Biden regime spin this latest development.

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