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Creativity and human difference: why AI can never replace humans

Artificial intelligence, creativity and human difference

for David Klinghoffer
Evolution News and science today

The latest episode of Science Uprising is out and what it has to say is important. From the late Stephen Hawking to Elon Musk, some of the smartest people on Earth have issued warnings about the impending danger posed by artificial intelligence.

They say that artificial intelligence is not only an incredible technology with potential for both good and bad uses, but that it threatens to replace and destroy humanity. The media loves this particular concept and continually seeks to scare us with it. Because?

The episode calls out the idea for what it is: applied materialism.

Materialism is the denial of a spiritual reality. It encourages Darwinian thinking and causes AI panic.

After all, if humans are nothing more than “meat machines,” then a superior machine, equipped with AI, might choose to wipe us out.

However, as four notable scholars explain here, AI works with algorithms, which are essentially a recipe. AI only does what it is programmed to do.

Humans transcend algorithms. We do things that computers will never be able to:

Interviewed for the episode, Robert J. Marks, John Lennox, Jay Richards and Selmer Bringsjord have profound things to teach.

Dr. Marks, for example, is a renowned computer engineer at Baylor University who directs the Discovery Institute’s Bradley Center for Natural and Artificial Intelligence. He says that by its very nature AI is locked in a silo or box where it exercises its ability to run algorithms.

Creativity, not just copying or following orders, involves thinking “outside the box.” This is how you can surprise us with a genuine novelty. This is why new ideas often come to us out of the blue: not called upon but given as an unexpected gift.

This may also be why artists live notoriously messy lives, and why totalitarian societies tend to be poor in art (as opposed to kitsch or propaganda) and creativity in general. Regimentation is not compatible with giving free rein to human difference.

It’s something to think about as the rules of authoritarian experts increasingly become the expectation of our own culture. Young people especially need to understand this. Watch the new science lift now and share it.

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Posted on March 6, 2023

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