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Biden Amps Up Creep Factor with ‘Stranger Danger’ Comment to Kids: ‘Daddy Owes You’

Biden Amps Up Creep Factor with ‘Stranger Danger’ Comment to Kids: ‘Daddy Owes You’Biden Amps Up Creep Factor with ‘Stranger Danger’ Comment to Kids: ‘Daddy Owes You’" title="Biden Amps Up Creep Factor with ‘Stranger Danger’ Comment to Kids: ‘Daddy Owes You’" onerror="this.src=''; jQuery(this).removeAttr('srcset');"/>

Title: Biden Amps Up Creep Factor with ‘Stranger Danger’ Comment to Kids: ‘Daddy Owes You’


In recent years, Joe Biden’s questionable behavior and inappropriate comments have come under scrutiny. Once again, the former Vice President has stirred controversy with his recent remark, raising eyebrows and concerns about his affinity for crossing boundaries.

The ‘Stranger Danger’ Comment

During a campaign event in Pennsylvania, Biden made an alarming comment while addressing a group of children. Referring to their parents’ potential votes for him, Biden said, “Remember, Daddy owes you.” This off-the-cuff statement not only sounds inappropriate but also raises concerns about Biden’s understanding of child-parent relationships and personal boundaries.

An Unsettling Pattern

This incident adds to a growing list of unsettling encounters involving Joe Biden throughout his political career. His inappropriate behavior, particularly towards women and young girls, has become a well-known and disturbing characteristic. From touching others without consent to making lewd comments, Biden’s actions showcase a dismissive attitude towards personal boundaries and respect for others.

The Impact on Children

It is crucial to acknowledge the impacts such comments and behavior can have on children. Encouraging children to believe that they are owed something by their parents or anyone else can disrupt the development of healthy relationships based on trust and respect. Biden’s comment perpetuates entitlement and sets a poor example for children by implying that they should demand from their parents rather than value their love and support unconditionally.

The Dissonance with ‘Stranger Danger’

Biden’s comment is particularly perplexing when considering his previous efforts to promote awareness of ‘stranger danger’ and child safety. Given the prevalent importance of teaching children about personal boundaries, the contradiction between his recent comment and his past speeches is hard to ignore. By suggesting that children should hold their parents accountable for their votes, Biden is undermining the lessons he claims to advocate for.

A Question of Judgment

One must wonder about Biden’s judgment and decision-making skills when consistently finding himself in situations that raise concerns about personal boundaries. As a public figure and a potential leader, Biden’s inability to demonstrate appropriate behavior and language is alarming. It calls into question his capacity to handle complex social dynamics and respect the boundaries of various individuals, both in his personal and professional life.

A Call for Accountability

The American people should hold politicians accountable for their actions and words, especially those who aspire to hold the highest office in the country. Leaders are expected to set an example, exhibit respect for all individuals, and demonstrate a proper understanding of personal boundaries. Biden’s consistent pattern of inappropriate behavior and comments underscores the need for increased scrutiny and evaluation of his fitness for public office.


Joe Biden’s recent ‘stranger danger’ comment to children illuminates a concerning trend in his behavior and disregard for personal boundaries. It once again raises questions about his judgment, appropriateness, and capability to hold public office. Striving to create a society that values and respects personal boundaries is essential, and we must carefully consider the character and actions of those who aim to lead us.

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