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Episode 2697: Saving Yourself From A Debt Trap; The Striping Of Our Energy Independance

Episode 2697 of The Daily Show tackled two important and pressing issues that many Americans face today: debt and energy independence. Through a satirical lens, the show shed light on the serious consequences of falling into a debt trap and how the United States is losing its grip on energy independence.

The host, Trevor Noah, started off by delving into the topic of debt and how easy it is for Americans to get trapped in it. With credit card companies bombarding us with offers and enticing us with rewards, it’s no wonder that many Americans find themselves buried in debt. The skit included a clip of a woman who had a staggering $130,000 in credit card debt, which led to a collective gasp from the audience. However, the segment also highlighted the predatory nature of credit card companies and the lack of financial education that is available in schools.

The second half of the episode addressed the decline of America’s energy independence. Noah discussed how the United States was once the largest producer of oil and gas, but now, due to the increase in fracking, our oil is being sold to other countries. Additionally, the show pointed out how renewable energy sources are not being invested in as heavily as they should be, which puts the nation at a greater risk of being dependent on foreign oil.

The segment ended with a powerful message, urging viewers to take control of their finances and demanding that the government invest in renewable energy sources. While The Daily Show is known for its comedic approach, Episode 2697 tackled serious issues that affect people’s daily lives. By shedding light on these issues, the show played an important role in highlighting the need for change and prompting viewers to take action.

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