Elon Musk Should Fix Big Tech ‘Indoctrination’ & Censorship of Things Like Wuhan Lab Leak

Elon Musk Should Fix Big Tech ‘Indoctrination’ & Censorship of Things Like Wuhan Lab Leak

HBO late night host Bill Maher praised Elon Musk’s recent move to become majority shareholder at Twitter, calling for him to fix the “outrageous” censorship and “indoctrination” of Big Tech.

While discussing whether former President Donald Trump would return to Twitter, Maher noted that although “Twitter did get better” after banning Trump off the platform in 2021, the move was generally “bad for free speech.”

“We live in an age where Twitter is the public square now,” Maher said on “Real Time” Friday. “If you deny someone’s right to speak on Twitter, you’re basically saying you don’t have free speech rights. That’s where it is.”

Maher slammed Big Tech for also censoring certain news items that risk jeopardizing the establishment’s narrative, like the Wuhan lab leak, saying that’s the kind of thing he hopes Musk will correct at Twitter.

“They banned you talking about whether coronavirus came from a lab, and it may well have,” Maher noted. “And even the Biden administration admits that now. We don’t know where coronavirus came from, but there’s no reason to think it couldn’t have emerged from a lab. They had a lab in Wuhan that was studying the coronavirus. And you couldn’t even discuss this. That’s outrageous. I think that’s what Elon Musk wants to fix at Twitter.”

“I mean, talk about indoctrination, to say that you can’t talk about whether the virus came from a lab because it was in Asia and that’s somehow anti-Asian racism, that’s insane,” he added.

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