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Durham Found Zero Merit to Trump Russia Claims, So What Was Mueller Doing for Two Years?

Durham Found Zero Merit to Trump Russia Claims, So What Was Mueller Doing for Two Years?

Good evening, folks. It’s been a long two years since the Mueller investigation began, and the results are finally in. Durham has found zero merit to the claims that President Trump colluded with Russia during the 2016 election, which proves what many of us on the right have been saying all along. This was a witch hunt, folks. A desperate attempt by the Democrats to take down a president they despise. And now, after spending millions of taxpayer dollars and countless hours on this fruitless endeavor, the left must finally accept that there was no collusion.

But here’s the question: what was Mueller doing for two years? If there was no collusion, and no obstruction, then why did the investigation take so long? Was this all just an elaborate scheme to try to delegitimize the 2016 election and tarnish the reputation of a duly-elected president? The answer, my friends, is yes. The Democrats knew they couldn’t beat Trump at the ballot box, so they tried to undermine him through the courts. And they failed.

So now, as we look ahead to election season, the Trump administration has a lot to be proud of. We’ve seen record-low unemployment, a booming stock market, and deregulations that have allowed businesses to thrive. We’ve seen historic criminal justice reforms, and the passage of the largest tax cut in American history. We’ve also seen the president standing up for American values on the world stage, working to secure fair trade deals and strengthening our military. The accomplishments of this administration are many, and they underscore the fact that this president is working tirelessly to make America great again. So while the left may try to parse Mueller’s findings and continue their attacks on this president, we should all be proud of what Donald Trump has achieved for this country.

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