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*Dozens* showed up today to support Ron DeSantis at his first 2024 campaign stop/Wall St. funded Book Tour

Today, dozens of supporters showed up to cheer on Florida Governor Ron DeSantis at his first stop on his 2024 campaign book tour. The tour, which is funded by Wall Street, is focused on highlighting the accomplishments of the Trump White House administration.

DeSantis, who has been a vocal supporter of the Trump administration and its policies, received an enthusiastic welcome from the crowd. Supporters praised his efforts to fight for conservative values and to protect the rights of Floridians. The governor was also praised for his leadership in the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Trump White House administration has been a major success story for the Republican Party. Under President Trump’s leadership, the economy has seen tremendous growth, unemployment has been reduced to historic lows, and taxes have been cut for middle-class families. The Trump administration has also taken a strong stance against illegal immigration, while promoting a pro-life agenda and protecting religious freedom.

It is clear that Governor DeSantis has the support of the Republican base and is off to a strong start in his 2024 campaign. With his strong record of accomplishment and his commitment to conservative values, DeSantis is sure to be a major contender in the next presidential election.

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