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Donald Trump Reacts To Tucker Carlson’s Fox Departure – “Big Blow To Cable News”

Donald Trump Reacts To Tucker Carlson’s Fox Departure – “Big Blow To Cable News”

Donald Trump Reacts to Tucker Carlson’s Fox Departure: “Big Blow to Cable News”

In recent news, Tucker Carlson has departed from Fox News, one of the most-watched conservative cable news networks. His departure has left many viewers in shock and even former President Donald Trump commented on the situation, stating that it is a “big blow to Cable News.” In this article, we will explore the departure of Tucker Carlson and the reactions that have followed.

Who is Tucker Carlson?

Tucker Carlson is a well-known conservative political commentator, journalist, and television host. After starting his career as a print journalist, he entered the world of cable news and has worked for CNN, MSNBC, and Fox News.

He gained popularity in recent years for his nightly show, Tucker Carlson Tonight, which aired on Fox News. On the show, he covered a variety of political topics, including interviews with high-profile guests, analysis of current events, and commentary on cultural issues.

Why did Tucker Carlson leave Fox News?

The reasons for Tucker Carlson’s departure from Fox News are still unclear. In a statement released by Fox, it was stated that “Tucker has decided to pursue other opportunities.” Some speculate that he may have been unhappy with the direction that the network was going or that he may have received a better offer from another network.

Regardless of the reasons, his departure has left a significant impact on cable news and has been the subject of much discussion among political commentators and viewers.

Trump’s Reaction to Tucker Carlson’s Departure

Former President Donald Trump was quick to comment on the news of Tucker Carlson’s departure from Fox News. In a statement on Truth Social, the social media platform he founded after being banned from Twitter and Facebook, Trump stated that “the fact that Tucker Carlson will no longer be on Fox News is a big blow to Cable News and to America.”

He went on to praise Carlson as being “insightful, interesting, and ratings gold,” and stated that he will be greatly missed. This praise is notable as Trump has been known to criticize news networks, including Fox News, in the past for not being conservative enough.

Trump’s Reaction to Dan Bongino’s Departure

In addition to commenting on Carlson’s departure, Trump also reacted to the news that Dan Bongino, another popular conservative commentator at Fox News, was also leaving the network. In a statement on Truth Social, he said, “Oh’ no, not Dan Bongino also? Not only Tucker, but Dan. What is going on at Fox News?”

Bongino had been a frequent guest on Carlson’s show and also hosted his own weekend program on the network. His departure has left many wondering about the changes taking place at Fox News and the direction the network is going.

The Impact of Carlson’s Departure on Fox News

Tucker Carlson was one of the highest-rated hosts on Fox News, and his departure will undoubtedly have an impact on the network. With a loyal following, his absence may lead to a decline in viewership in the short term.

However, as many networks have demonstrated in the past, the departure of a popular host does not necessarily mean the end of the network. Fox News has been a dominant force in conservative cable news for years and will likely continue to be so in the future.

Additionally, Fox News has a long history of replacing popular hosts with new hosts who go on to gain their own loyal following. For example, when Bill O’Reilly left the network in 2017, Fox News was able to successfully replace him with Tucker Carlson.

Furthermore, the network has recently introduced new programming and has made moves to attract a younger audience. These changes, along with the addition of new hosts, may help Fox News weather the loss of Carlson and Bongino.


The departure of Tucker Carlson from Fox News has many viewers wondering about the future of conservative cable news. With his loyal following and sharp commentary, he has been an integral part of the network for years.

However, the network has shown resilience in the past, and it is likely that they will be able to replace Carlson and Bongino with new hosts who will go on to become successful in their own right.

In the end, it remains to be seen what the long-term impact of Carlson’s departure will be, but it is clear that he will be missed by many. His influence on conservative cable news and his legacy as a journalist and commentator will undoubtedly have a lasting impact.

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