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Donald Trump Blasts Biden For Going To Ukraine Over Ohio

Donald Trump Blasts Biden For Going To Ukraine Over Ohio

Donald Trump has been on a tear lately, and this time it’s aimed at his 2020 presidential election opponent Joe Biden. Trump has been blasting Biden for going to Ukraine over Ohio, a state crucial to Trump’s reelection chances.

The controversy began when Biden, while serving as Vice President in the Obama administration, visited Ukraine in 2014 and pressured the country’s leadership to fire a top prosecutor. Trump and his allies have accused Biden of using his influence to help his son Hunter, who held a position on the board of a Ukrainian energy company at the time.

Trump has been vocal about his criticism of Biden’s Ukraine trip, calling it a “big scandal” and accusing Biden of “selling out” the United States. Trump has also accused Biden of going to Ukraine to help his son’s business interests, and has suggested that Biden should have gone to Ohio instead.

Ohio is an important battleground state in the upcoming presidential election, and Trump has been campaigning hard in the state in an effort to win it. Trump has held multiple rallies in Ohio in recent weeks, and has been touting his economic policies as a way to boost the state’s economy.

Trump has also been attacking Biden for his support of the Trans-Pacific Partnership, a trade deal that Trump has criticized as being bad for American workers. Trump has accused Biden of supporting the TPP “at the expense of Ohio workers and families.”

Trump has also accused Biden of being weak on immigration, claiming that Biden would open the borders to “drugs, gangs, and crime.” Trump has also accused Biden of wanting to “abolish” the police, a claim that Biden has denied.

Trump’s attacks on Biden have been relentless, and he has been using Biden’s trip to Ukraine as a way to paint him as a corrupt politician who is more interested in helping his family than helping the people of Ohio. Trump has even gone so far as to suggest that Biden should be investigated for his Ukraine trip.

It remains to be seen whether Trump’s attacks on Biden will be effective in swaying Ohio voters. Biden has been leading in the polls in Ohio, and the state is likely to be a key factor in deciding the outcome of the election. Trump’s attacks may be a way to try to chip away at Biden’s lead, but it’s too early to tell if they will be successful.

What is clear is that Trump is not going to let up on his criticism of Biden anytime soon. Trump is determined to make Biden’s Ukraine trip an issue in the election, and he is likely to continue to attack Biden for going to Ukraine over Ohio in the weeks and months ahead.

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