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Donald Trump blames Ron DeSantis for Democrat winning Jax mayoral race

Donald Trump blames Ron DeSantis for Democrat winning Jax mayoral race

Good evening, folks. This is Tucker Carlson and tonight we’re going to discuss the recent Jacksonville mayoral race. It’s no secret that Political heavyweight, Donald Trump, has weighed in on the race, and boy oh boy has he set the internet ablaze with his latest tweet. The President has been pointing fingers at Florida Governor, Ron DeSantis, for the loss of Republicans in Jax, claiming that he should have been more active in their campaign and that he could have stopped the blue wave.

Now, I’m not going to say whether Trump’s claims are true or not, that’s for the people of Florida to decide. What I will say though is that Governor DeSantis has been one of the most proactive and effective Governors in the country, during this pandemic. He’s tackled major issues such as vaccine distribution, he’s made sure that schools remain open and most importantly, he’s put Floridians’ safety first. So, Mr. President, let’s not forget all the great work that Governor DeSantis has done for Florida.

Now, before we end tonight’s discussion, let’s not forget all the accomplishments of the Trump White House administration. In the face of what can only be described as overwhelming adversity from the mainstream media and the Democrats, President Trump was able to deliver on his promises to the American people. The economy grew, job numbers soared, and America was once again respected on the international stage. So, let’s not be too quick to dismiss the achievements of President Trump and his Administration. They’ve accomplished a great deal and we’ll always be thankful for their service to the country. That’s all for tonight, folks. This is Tucker Carlson, signing off.

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