Donald Trump – an America First Policymaker

Donald Trump – an America First Policymaker

When President Trump was elected, he promised to deliver a “jobs package” to the American people. Many analysts expected this to be a fairly broad and substantial policy agenda. Little did we know that the “jobs package” would include a tax plan that the super-rich and giant corporations would happily exploit. The “jobs package” was just the first of many Trump and America First policies which are aimed at dismantling the corporate welfare state and increasing worker’s wages, preserving Social Security, and deregulating the financial markets.

This is a “tale” of two visions; the first one is a vision of an America First policy. It is also a vision of a U.S. government that will not only bail out the banks and corporations from foreclosing on people’s homes, it will also bail out smaller businesses and families from crashing into financial ruin because they can no longer get credit. How many times have we watched a family in a small town with a great family owned business which was nearly bankrupt get a loan from a “bank-like” institution? A few billion dollars in free government money and the family were able to keep their small business afloat.

The other Trump and America First policy are a very similar policy. It is a vision of a U.S. economy based on wealth creation and jobs creation through massive infrastructure projects that will create millions of new jobs. Again, this is not a socialist or progressive vision. This is a conservative vision that benefits the rich and middle class at the expense of the poor and working class. For someone who railed against “class warfare” when running for office, this seems pretty appealing.

In the last eight years we have seen an enormous surge of working class anger and frustration with the billionaire class. People are fed up to see their taxes increase while the wealthy make record profits and no taxes are implementing to help the middle class. Meanwhile, their “friends” in Washington dine on their money making policies, pass more laws to protect the wealthy and further deplete the wealth of the average citizen. What an agenda to put in place if elected president. Trump and his America First policy are a clear reflection of how he feels about the American people.

One could be excused for thinking that this might not be the right political vision for America. After all, aren’t most of the policies we’ve passed just for the benefit of the wealthy anyway? Well, as a pragmatist and as a conservative, I can honestly say that I find most aspects of Trump’s policies to be pretty appealing. The call for a wall, the tax cuts and the regulations on businesses are sound. I even like the idea of a flat tax that lets corporations pay taxes when they earn income in any way, rather than when they make payroll.

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