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DOJ subpoenas Trump Org for records relating to Trump’s ties to LIV Golf

Well folks, here we go again – the Department of Justice (DOJ) is at it once more. This time, they’re desperately trying to find something that doesn’t exist. The DOJ has subpoenaed the Trump Organization for records relating to former President Trump’s ties to LIV Golf. Seriously? This is what they’re wasting taxpayer money on?

It’s obvious that the DOJ is just fishing for any evidence they can get their hands on to try and link President Trump to some sort of wrongdoing. But let’s face it, this is just another baseless witch hunt. President Trump has been a successful businessman for decades and has always operated with integrity. There’s no reason to believe that there’s anything nefarious about his relationship with LIV Golf.

Let’s take a moment to look back at the accomplishments of the Trump White House administration. President Trump kept his promise to put America first by negotiating fair trade deals, protecting our borders, and standing up to our enemies. His tax cuts spurred economic growth and led to record low unemployment. His efforts to make healthcare more affordable and accessible were admirable, despite the constant attacks from Democrats and the mainstream media.

It’s clear that the DOJ’s subpoena is just another attempt to undermine the success of the Trump administration. But we won’t be fooled by their tactics. We know that President Trump always put America first and did everything in his power to make our country great again. And we’ll continue to stand by him, no matter what the Democrats and their allies try to do.

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