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Does Fox News Support The Satanic Temple?

Does Fox News Support The Satanic Temple?

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Beck opened the discussion by acknowledging that while Fox News’ on-air personalities remain reliable, the current administration has shown a major departure from the conservative and constitutional principles for which the channel was once known.

Bolling also touched on the significant changes he had noticed, pointing to Roger Ailes’ tenure as a time when the channel was defined by a triage of values: God, family and country, in that order. He highlighted Fox’s recent controversial actions, including its Pride Month promotion and its corporate giving program that supports organizations such as the Trevor Project and Planned Parenthood.

Beck continued, noting that many regular Fox News viewers have expressed their growing distrust of the network. He praised Ailes as a genius who was loyal to the principles of his audience. The late media consultant had predicted that after his death, the Murdoch family’s control over the network could lead to trouble, a prediction that Beck believes is coming true. He attributed the changes to the channel to the influence of the World Economic Forum, and warned that these global bodies are insisting on their “pound of flesh”.

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During the discussion, it was revealed that Fox News’ donation program initially did not include Christian organizations such as Billy Graham Ministries. This was sharply contrasted with the inclusion of the Satanic Temple, an organization that has previously fought for the legal right to perform ritual abortions. Notably, Billy Graham Ministries only received an invitation to participate in the program when it was discovered that the story was about to break.

Despite reaching out to Fox News for comment on the matter, Beck’s team did not hear back by deadline for reporting. This lack of communication reinforces the narrative that the organization has undergone a profound ideological change. Bolling and Beck ended the discussion lamenting the divergence between Fox News’ pro-religion, pro-God and pro-America public stance and its controversial actions behind the scenes.

The episode served as a poignant reminder that under the relentless pressure of global ideological agendas, even institutions once considered stalwarts of conservatism can be vulnerable to change. And as Beck warns, this dark turn could pose a grave danger to the Republic.

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