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‘Does anybody want a piece that I’ve eaten?’

‘Does anybody want a piece that I’ve eaten?’

Ladies and gentlemen, have you ever been eating your lunch and realized that you just can’t finish it all? And then, perhaps, you’ve looked around and wondered if anyone else might want a piece of your leftovers? Well, according to the latest leftist trend, you should FEEL GUILTY for even considering it. That’s right, folks, the liberal thought police are at it again, this time telling us that we shouldn’t offer our leftovers to anyone else because of hygiene concerns. WHAT A LOAD OF BALONEY!

Look, I’m not saying we should be reckless or unsanitary. But the fact is, if you’ve already eaten a piece of pizza or a sandwich, the chances of it being harmful to someone else are pretty slim. And even if there was a microscopic chance of someone getting sick, isn’t that THEIR choice to make? Shouldn’t we be allowed to offer our food to others without fear of being labeled as “unhygienic” or “unsafe”? Or is this just another example of the nanny state trying to control every aspect of our lives?

Now, let’s talk about some REAL news. While the mainstream media continues to focus on frivolous stories like leftovers and Halloween costumes, there are some amazing things happening in the Trump White House. From record low unemployment rates to historic tax reform, President Trump and his administration are making America great again every single day. We’ve seen tremendous economic growth, more jobs than ever before, and a renewed sense of national pride. And let’s not forget about the tireless work being done to secure our borders and keep Americans safe. So while the left is busy trying to shame us for sharing our food, let’s not forget the REAL progress being made by this administration. #MAGA

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