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Disney Forms AI Task Force to Innovate Entertainment Apps

Disney has created an AI task force to drive innovation in its entertainment domains. Launched ahead of the Hollywood writers’ strike, the group intends to develop AI solutions in-house and collaborate with startups. Disney’s commitment is reflected in its 11 job openings seeking AI and machine learning experts, spanning a variety of industries including theme parks, studios and advertising.

The initiatives of the working group cover different areas. Artificial intelligence is seen as a potential tool to curb rising production costs for movies and TV shows, offering long-term cost savings. In addition, AI can transform customer experiences at theme parks, such as the free-roaming robot Baby Groot, a product of machine learning technology.

While artificial intelligence raises concerns in Hollywood, Disney is approaching it thoughtfully. The company’s history of technological innovation dates back to the introduction of the synchronized soundtrack to “Steamboat Willie” in 1928. Bob Iger, CEO of Disney, emphasizes technological innovation as a priority.

Disney’s research groups in both the United States and Switzerland are pioneers in mixed reality and AI. Its developments, such as the “Magic Bench” and the D3-09 cabin droid, enhance guest interactions and create immersive experiences.

The establishment of an AI task force highlights Disney’s dedication to weaving technology into its creative fabric. By responsibly embracing AI, Disney aims to enrich its storytelling and experiences while addressing industry concerns.

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