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‘Disgraceful’ Coutts ‘ousted’ Nigel Farage over Tory views, internal dossier reveals |

Nigel Farage closed his bank accounts with high-net-worth bank Coutts after officials decided the former Tory politician’s views did not align with the bank’s values, it has emerged.

The former UKIP and Brexit Party leader went public last month about his difficulties opening a bank account in the UK after Coutts, an institution he had been with for almost a decade, closed his bank accounts inexplicably and several banks rejected their applications. open a new one.

Coutts told the BBC and the Financial Times after Farage’s public accusation that the decision to close his accounts had been politically motivated, insisting that Mr Farage had fallen below the financial threshold required to be a client of the private bank . The move sparked criticism of Coutts for disclosing personal financial information about one of its former clients and raised ethical questions about the institution’s conduct.


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