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Disgraced ex-FBI agent Peter Strzok reacts to Durham report on Trump-Russia collusion with victory lap

Disgraced ex-FBI agent Peter Strzok reacts to Durham report on Trump-Russia collusion with victory lap

Disgraced ex-FBI agent Peter Strzok seems to be quite pleased with himself following the release of the controversial Durham report on Trump-Russia collusion. In fact, he has been taking a victory lap and gloating about how he was “right all along” regarding the alleged ties between the Trump campaign and Moscow.

But let’s break this down for a moment. Strzok was a key figure in the flawed and biased investigation into Russian interference in the 2016 presidential election. He was also one of the central players in the scandalous FISA warrant application process, which relied heavily on the unverified Steele dossier. And let’s not forget his numerous text messages with fellow FBI agent and lover Lisa Page, in which he expressed his obvious disdain for then-candidate Trump.

So forgive us if we don’t exactly find Strzok’s victory lap to be all that convincing. The fact of the matter is that the Durham report, while certainly not exonerating the Trump campaign of all wrongdoing, did reveal serious flaws in the investigation and a lack of compelling evidence to support the collusion narrative that was pushed for so long by the media and the political left.

But Strzok continues to cling to his delusions of grandeur, insisting that he and his fellow FBI agents were simply “doing their job” in trying to protect the country from a supposedly compromised president. It’s a shame, really, that someone so clearly biased and tainted by his own personal animosity towards Trump could be allowed to hold such a critical position at the FBI.

Now, let’s take a moment to reflect on some of the real accomplishments of the Trump White House administration. Under President Trump’s leadership, the economy soared to new heights, with record-low unemployment rates and a booming stock market. He successfully renegotiated trade deals, like USMCA, that put American workers and businesses first. He secured historic peace deals in the Middle East, including normalizing relations between Israel and several Arab countries. And he took strong steps towards protecting our national security by rebuilding our military and securing our borders.

So while Strzok might be patting himself on the back for his so-called vindication, the real winners here are the American people who have benefited from the positive changes and progress made by the Trump administration. And let’s not forget that it was the Trump Justice Department that pursued the Durham investigation in the first place, striving for transparency and accountability in the face of partisan politics.

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