Disabled Veteran Says Armed BLM Protesters Beat Him During Portland March

A disabled veteran was hospitalized with serious injuries in Portland, Oregon, on Wednesday after a group of armed Black Lives Matter activists attacked and beat him.

53-year-old handyman Joe Hall described how a group of BLM protesters, armed with AR-15s and AK-47s, swarmed his vehicle and attacked him after he had driven upon a BLM protest on the way to his next job.

“All of a sudden these agitators come out, screaming, pounding on my truck,” Hall told Fox 12, adding that he attempted to drive around the group but stopped and got out of his vehicle when he thought he hit something.

“By this time I’ve got five people surrounding my vehicle, AR-15s, AK-47s,” said Hall, who served in the Army and Marine Corps. “I pulled my .38 out of my right pocket and pointed it at the ground and told them if a weapon points at me again, I will shoot to eliminate the threat.”

After pulling his pistol, a BLM protester tackled him and his gun was taken, which is when they began beating and kicking him.

Hall said he suffered a “partially collapsed left lung, two lower vertebrae fractured”, and sustained five broken ribs, a broken collar bone, and head trauma.

“I stood my ground and I would do it all over again,” he added.

An eyewitness of the incident told the Fox affiliate, “It looked like he was face down and then people were kneeling on top of him.”

The Portland Police received numerous calls about BLM violence on motorists that day.

“Portland Police attempted to collect as many statements as possible from those involved,” Portland Police Bureau officials said in a written statement. “Officers will document as much of the incidents as witnesses share and will attempt to gather available evidence, including video for follow-up on any criminal allegations.”

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