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Did John Kirby inadvertently argue for a ban on women in the military?

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In case you were wondering, the Trans and Girl Power movements continue to thrive in the US military, coincidentally amidst historically low enlistment rates. Of course, we’re convinced it’s just a wild mess. Meanwhile, we face the potential for World War III under the not-so-watchful eye of a leader who seems perpetually half-asleep…

But don’t worry, the Biden administration has its sights set on a singular issue: abortion readiness in the US military. Do you feel more confident? You really can’t make this nonsense up.

New York Post:

National Security Council spokesman John Kirby gave an impassioned speech Monday defending Pentagon policies that pay for travel for troops and their families to receive reproductive care, including abortion and in vitro fertilization.

“One in five members of the U.S. military are women,” Kirby said. “We’re an all-volunteer force … When you sign up and when you go into that contract, you have every right to expect that this organization, in this case, the Army, will take care of you, take care of you. of your family.”

“Whether it’s female service members or female family members, being able to count on the kinds of health care, and reproductive care specifically, that they need to serve, that’s a fundamental sacred obligation of military leaders in the ‘across the river,” he added. .

Continuing his four-minute rant, Kirby told White House reporters that denying women and dependent women access to abortion and other reproductive care risks military readiness by deterring people who they need this attention to enlist or remain in the armed services.

Find someone who loves you as much as John Kirby loves government funded abortions.

Elite female supersoldiers apparently need their tactical abortions while in the field.

Here’s what Daily Wire columnist Matt Walsh had to say about Kirby’s abortion speech. Matt wonders if maybe it’s time to get women out of the military if abortion is now a requirement?

Matt brings up a good point. If you “need” elective care, maybe being a soldier isn’t right for you. It’s definitely a conversation worth having, in light of what John Kirby said. It seems that John inadvertently made the case for why women should not be in the military.



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