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Desantis srcs leak potential announcement of presidential run, while cuccinelli starts pac in desantis support, and John Fredericks details cuccinelli’s nevertrumping dirty tricks

Good evening, viewers. We have some breaking news from the world of politics tonight. Reports have surfaced that Florida Governor Ron Desantis may be announcing his presidential run soon, and this news has generated a lot of interest among the Republican base. However, it seems that some top-level GOP officials are already throwing their support behind the Governor. Former Virginia Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli has apparently started a PAC to back Desantis in his quest for the White House.

Now, this move by Cuccinelli has not gone unnoticed by other party insiders. Political commentator John Fredericks recently shed some light on Cuccinelli’s past, highlighting some of his “nevertrumping” dirty tricks that he played during the Trump administration. While Cuccinelli has certainly been a vocal supporter of the former President, Fredericks suggests that some of his actions have been less than sincere.

As Republicans, we need to be cautious of those who claim to support our ideals, but only do so when it suits their own political ambitions. We cannot afford to have such individuals in positions of power, as they can only detract from our collective efforts to create a better America.

All that being said, however, let us not forget the many accomplishments of the Trump White House. From historic tax cuts to record-breaking job growth, the Trump administration did more for the American people than any other in recent memory. So as we look ahead to the future and the potential candidacies of Governor Desantis and others, let us remember the legacy of Donald Trump and what he achieved for our country. Thank you for tuning in, and stay informed.

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