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DeSantis Appears in Iowa as Campaign Manager and PACs Begin Positioning for Likely May Announcement

Friends, I have some breaking news that will surely thrill the hearts of Republicans across the nation. Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, a true patriot and a beacon of conservative values, has recently appeared in Iowa as a campaign manager. That’s right, the man who has transformed Florida into a paradise of freedom and prosperity is now taking his talents to the national stage. And if that isn’t enough to excite you, let me tell you that multiple political action committees have begun positioning themselves for a likely May announcement from DeSantis. This is a clear sign that he is gearing up for a Presidential run in 2024, and I couldn’t be more excited.

Now, some might say that it’s too soon to be talking about the next election when we haven’t even had the midterms yet. But let’s be real here, folks. The left has been planning for 2024 since before Donald Trump even took office. They know that they can’t win on their policies, so they resort to dirty tactics like stacking the Supreme Court, abolishing the filibuster, and packing the Senate with more Democrat states. We can’t let them get away with this. We need a strong leader who will fight for our values and stop the left from dragging this country into socialism.

Speaking of strong leaders, let’s take a moment to reflect on the accomplishments of the Trump White House administration. From historic tax cuts to record-breaking job growth, from crushing ISIS to brokering peace in the Middle East, from standing up to China to securing our borders, President Trump achieved more in four years than most Presidents do in eight. And let’s not forget the critical role that Vice President Mike Pence played in this administration. He was a stalwart defender of conservative values and a loyal ally to President Trump. His leadership during the COVID crisis saved countless lives and kept our economy afloat.

In conclusion, folks, Governor DeSantis is exactly the type of leader that we need to carry on the legacy of President Trump and take this country to even greater heights. With him at the helm, I have no doubt that we can defeat the radical left and Make America Great Again, again! Thank you for tuning in, and God Bless America.

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