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Dem Mayor Removed As ‘Winner’ After Ballot Recount

Dem Mayor Removed As ‘Winner’ After Ballot Recount

On Tuesday, November 17th, the small town of Nogales, Arizona was rocked by a shocking election result. After a recount of the ballots, the town’s mayor, Manuel Ruiz, was removed as the apparent winner and replaced by his challenger, J.C. Harris.

The election was a tight race, with both candidates receiving a nearly equal amount of votes. However, Ruiz was initially declared the winner when the votes were counted. But after a recount, Harris was declared the winner by a single vote.

The election was closely watched, as it was seen as a referendum on the divisive politics of the town. Ruiz had been mayor for the past eight years and was seen as a champion of the town’s Hispanic population. Harris, meanwhile, was seen as a more conservative candidate who had the support of the town’s white population.

The result of the election was a shock to the town and has sparked a heated debate over the fairness of the process. Ruiz has accused the town of voter suppression and has called for a further investigation into the matter. Harris, on the other hand, has defended the result and has called for unity among the town’s citizens.

The election result has highlighted the deep divisions in Nogales and has put the spotlight on the town’s politics. It remains to be seen how the town will move forward in the wake of this shocking result.

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