DC Police Say Capitol Attack Not ‘Terrorism Related,’ Suspect Confirmed As Nation of Islam Follower

DC Police Say Capitol Attack Not ‘Terrorism Related,’ Suspect Confirmed As Nation of Islam Follower

DC Police claimed in a press conference that the car ramming attack on Capitol Police “did not appear to be terrorism related,” before the suspect was identified as a black Nation of Islam follower.

As National File reported, the now-deceased suspect in the car and knife attack on Capitol Police on Friday has been identified as Noah Green, a 25-year-old follower of the Nation of Islam from Indiana:

Green is a black male who has reportedly made inflammatory posts about politics and religion on Facebook… One post on the Facebook profile reportedly contains an excerpt from nation of Islam founder Elijah Muhammad titled “Lull before the Storm”… Another post from Green talks about the “end times” and “facing death.”

Yet the idea that the attack that left one Capitol Police officer dead and one injured on Easter Friday, one of the holiest days in the Christian calendar, could be terrorism related, was dismissed by Robert Contee of DC Metro Police during a press conference.

Contee said that the attack “does not appear to be terrorism related,” but admitted that they would have to continue to investigate, and that they “just don’t know right now.” It is unclear why Contee seemingly dismissed the possibility before the identity of the suspect was revealed.

Green drove his car into two Capitol Police officers just after 1PM on Friday, and then proceeded to hit the barrier on the North barricade on Constitution Avenue, Acting Capitol Police Chief Yogananda Pittman had previously confirmed. Green then exited the vehicle with a knife, and approached other officers. Capitol Police officers then engaged Green with gunfire, after he did not respond to verbal commands and proceeded to lunge at them.

The Facebook page for Green was removed shortly after he had been identified, media reports later confirmed.

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