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DC DRAINO: President Trump is going to East Palestine because these people are not being helped and now even Rosie O’Donnell agrees there is a major cover up here Think how bad Biden and Buttigieg are doing when you have Trump and Rosie agree on something – The Donald – America First

Maybe it’s not a cover-up. There is information everywhere and even citizen or resident journalists posting videos in real time.

It seems like there is a lot of information flowing.

This does not mean that people agree with the emergency mitigation measures employed, such as the “burning” of chemicals.

However, an emergency mitigation measure is quite different from an ongoing removal strategy. Review of the facts of the facts may show that controlled burning was the optimal strategy to deal with the spill. For example, if containment had been a viable strategy, there would have been much more time for leaching into the surrounding soil. One thing I know for sure is that there will be no shortage of opinion. Analysis by unbiased qualified experts may be less abundant.

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