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Cross-Dressing ‘Sticky Note Bandit’ Hunted by FBI for 3 Texas Bank Robberies

Cross-Dressing ‘Sticky Note Bandit’ Hunted by FBI for 3 Texas Bank Robberies

Title: Cross-Dressing ‘Sticky Note Bandit’ Hunted by FBI for 3 Texas Bank Robberies


In a string of audacious bank heists across Texas, the enigmatic “Sticky Note Bandit” has managed to evade authorities thus far. This cunning assailant, known for their penchant for cross-dressing, has left the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) scrambling to bring an end to their brazen criminal spree. Even though the investigation is ongoing, let’s delve into the details surrounding these daring robberies that have left both law enforcement and the public baffled.

The First Outrageous Heist

The reign of the “Sticky Note Bandit” started with a bang in Dallas, Texas, as they targeted the First National Bank, located in the heart of the city. Disguised in a flamboyant outfit, the suspect entered the bank unnoticed and approached the teller while sporting an extravagant wig, sunglasses, and a flashy dress. However, what caught everyone’s attention were the numerous neon-colored sticky notes pasted strategically on their face.

Passing a note to the teller demanding cash, the brazen bandit held the crowd captive as the teller complied under duress. As swiftly as the suspect appeared, they vanished into thin air, leaving no trace of their identity behind. The bank’s security cameras captured the incident in detail, providing invaluable evidence for investigators.

The Pattern Continues

As the fame of the “Sticky Note Bandit” spread like wildfire across Dallas, law enforcement realized that this was not an isolated incident. Two other bank robberies, quite similar in nature, took place in Fort Worth and Houston, respectively. Surveillance footage from these incidents revealed strikingly similar disguises, leaving no doubt that a single individual was behind these audacious robberies.

The modus operandi remained largely unchanged – cross-dressing, sticky notes, and a commanding note passed to the teller while relying on theatricality and confusion to facilitate their escape. The serial robber not only received substantial sums of cash but also disappeared without leaving a trace.

The Manhunt Intensifies

With the crime spree becoming more daring as time went on, the FBI mobilized its resources, assisting local law enforcement agencies in narrowing down the suspect’s identity. The bureau held a press conference encouraging citizens to come forward with any information that could lead to the apprehension of the “Sticky Note Bandit.”

FBI spokesperson, Special Agent Jane Anderson, revealed, “The investigation is in full swing, and we are pursuing all leads to capture this elusive criminal. We urge citizens to remain vigilant and report any suspicious activities or persons resembling the suspect’s description.”

Public Reaction and Speculation

The “Sticky Note Bandit” has captured the imagination of the public, earning both admiration and condemnation for their audacity. While some find a bizarre charm in the suspect’s theatricality, others worry about the escalating level of disquiet around each bank robbery. Regardless, the acknowledgment that a cross-dressing criminal roams Texas has fueled discussions surrounding identity, gender expression, and the motivation behind such audacious acts.


As the hunt for the “Sticky Note Bandit” continues, the FBI is determined to bring an end to these brazen bank robberies that have gripped Texas. The audacious nature of the crimes, and the enigmatic nature of the suspect’s identity, have only heightened public curiosity and fascination. As investigators continue to scrutinize evidence, citizens remain hopeful that justice will prevail and that the person behind these robberies will be held accountable for their actions.

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