Critics blame Los Angeles public safety issues on liberal groups

Critics blame Los Angeles public safety issues on liberal groups

This undated image released by the California Attorney General’s Office shows stolen items from Bay Area retailers, recovered in a warehouse in Concord, Calif., where a search warrant was executed by California law enforcement authorities in the San Francisco Bay Area. Spurred by a recent run of large-scale smash-and-grab robberies, prosecutors and retailers are pushing back on assertions by California’s governor and attorney general that they have enough tools to combat retail theft in the wake of a voter-approved easing of related laws. (California Attorney General’s Office via AP)

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UPDATED 9:06 AM PT – Monday, December 6, 2021

Liberal lawmakers and activists are facing criticism over the rise of crime in Los Angeles. Current and retired police officers are writing op-eds and speaking to media about their frustration over Proposition 47 and justice reforms in the city.

The officers suggested the spike in smash-and-grab robberies and the murder of Jacqueline Avant could have been potentially prevented if lax sentencing was addressed. Many have pointed to the wrap sheet of the suspect in Avant’s murder as evidence that violent crimes should carry longer sentences.

Democrat Governor Gavin Newsom has defended Proposition 47. He even blamed police and prosecutors by saying the threat of arrest is deterrent enough.

“It seems to me that there is deterrence when people are arrested for breaking the law and are prosecuted, so we needs arrests and we need prosecutions,” he stated. “We need people held to account. No one condones that behavior, quite the contrary.”

Dozens of law enforcement officers have asked for help, saying criminals are being released on little to no bail and are often times re-offending.

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    Critics blame Los Angeles public safety issues on liberal groups
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