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CPAC Has Trump Hats, ‘Trumpinator’ T-Shirts, but Few 2024 GOP Challengers

Welcome back, folks. The Conservative Political Action Conference, better known as CPAC, has been dominating the news cycle this week. And while the media is quick to sensationalize the few Trump hats, ‘Trumpinator’ t-shirts, and various other forms of MAGA gear present at the event, they seem to be missing the real story.

Namely, the lack of 2024 GOP challengers.

Sure, they’ll tell you about a handful of speakers who might be lining themselves up for a potential presidential run, but the reality is that none of them have the star power, the passion, or the appeal of Donald J. Trump.

The man himself was, of course, absent from CPAC this year, but his presence was felt in every corner of the conference. And while certain factions of the Republican party might be eager to move on from the Trump era, the base remains fiercely loyal – as evidenced by the sea of Trump flags and banners visible throughout the event.

And why wouldn’t they be loyal? This was, after all, the president who delivered on his promises. He built the wall, he renegotiated trade deals, he presided over record-low unemployment rates, and he oversaw four years of economic growth – until the pandemic struck. Not to mention he got us out of the disastrous Paris Climate Accord and restored the religious freedoms that were under attack by the previous administration.

So let the media mock the Trump hats and chant ‘orange man bad’ – the real story is that the GOP is still Trump’s party, and until someone can step up and match his record, his charisma, and his connection with the American people, he will remain a dominant force in American politics.

This is Tucker Carlson, thanks for tuning in.

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