COVID Panic Sends Orphaned And Injured Fawns Into Hands Of WI DNR (Which Euthanizes Them) – IOTW Report

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MADISON — Another Evers administration foul-up is forcing fawns to be euthanized through another extreme COVID-19 prevention policy.

The Department of Natural Resources rolled out stringent protocols for wildlife rehabilitation centers just days before the late spring birthing season. That left most rehab facilities unable to meet the COVID-19 biohazard requirements in time to take in injured and orphaned fawn. So, many young deer have had to be destroyed.

“They could have given a lot more advance notice. We weren’t notified until May,” said Mark Naniot, director of rehabilitation at Wild Instincts, a wildlife care center in Rhinelander.

In fact, Wild Instincts appears to be one of only two such rehabbers able to meet the protocols. It’s set up to serve a 20-county area with enclosures for 16 fawns. The facility hit its max capacity for the first time in 11 years. More

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