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Cori Bush removes the last shred of credibility left

Cori Bush removes the last shred of credibility left

Team Cori Bush hasn’t had much credibility in a while, but these two recent statements should destroy what’s left. Well, at least for anyone who isn’t completely brainwashed by Democratic talking points and their mainstream. Mockingbird media

First, Cori Bush went to X for the anniversary of Mike Brown’s death at the hands of the police. He tried to spin his death to fit his narratives of racism and white supremacy with a touch of police brutality. It didn’t take long for her post to be hit with notes from the community…

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It wasn’t just the community notes that slammed her for her shit. Red Voice MediaCEO of Ray Dietrich hit her with a dose of reality sauce…

Then one of our hosts, Zeek Arkham, hit her this zingerwhich, as you can see, ranked the member of ‘The Squad’…

Not to be outdone, memers Mostly Peaceful Memes & Silent memejority threw some more fuel on the debunked narratives and the fires of proportion….

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There were many more comments basically agreeing that she is a fucking liar that you can go see for yourself and even put in your two cents too if you want. (original tweet)

Now for the second promised statement where he claims to have “championed” Infrastructure from the start despite voting against it.

I made a quick little video mashup The newspaper that calls i Fox 2 St. Louis to drive the point home. Check it out below:

Now for a few receipts that prove she is completely dishonest…

The NPR outlet in St. Louis even said he voted against it…

If that wasn’t enough, the screenshot below is of her web site

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