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Convicted murderer Billy Chemirmir found dead in prison cell

Billy Chemirmir, a convicted murderer linked to the deaths of 22 elderly women, has been found dead in his holding cell. While details remain scarce, an incident involving another inmate, also incarcerated for murder, is rumored to be the cause. Authorities have launched a full investigation.

Within a two-year period, Chemirmir had become infamous for his suspected involvement in the deaths of elderly Dallas women, leaving a trail of stolen valuables in his wake. Although many of these deaths were initially attributed to natural causes, the families of the victims remained suspicious due to the active and healthy lifestyles that many of the deceased maintained.

The breakthrough in the case came in 2018, when Chemirmir assaulted a 91-year-old woman, who narrowly escaped and later recounted her ordeal to the police. The next day, officers arrested Chemirmir in a parking area, discovering stolen valuables. This finding later led them to another victim, an 81-year-old woman found dead in her home.

After the arrest, a review of previous deaths in the area led to more charges being laid against him. During the trial, many families came forward to share their grief, with grieving family member Ellen French House sharing heartbreaking before and after pictures of her mother.

Although Chemirmir continuously denied any wrongdoing and was serving life without parole, the news of his death has sparked various responses. Shannon Dion, whose mother is believed to have been one of his victims, said: “My mother was scared to death. This man did not pass peacefully. There is some relief to hear that he has not out easily.”

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