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Conspiracy theorists must be eliminated

Klaus Schwab’s right-hand man Yuval Harari has called for so-called “conspiracy theorists” to be banned from the internet because of their “dangerous” belief that a global elite cabal controls the world. Azernews reports

Harari condemned the theory that a dark elite of billionaires and globalists controls the world, calling it “anti-Semitic” and “dangerous”.

During an appearance on Lex Friedman’s podcast, Harari noted that the world is “too complex” to be controlled by powerful people.

“[According to conspiracy theorists] there is a small group of people, the Cabal, who secretly control everything that happens in the world. All wars, all revolutions, all epidemics, everything that happens is controlled by this very small group of people who, of course, are evil and have bad intentions. This is a well-known story. It’s not new. It is very attractive because, first of all, it is simple. And you don’t need to understand everything that is happening in the world. You only need to understand one thing: the war in Ukraine, the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, 5G technology, COVID-19. It is easy. There is this global cabal, they are doing all these things,” Harari said.

He warned that these crises are often blamed on “Jews” or “Freemasons”. [Freemasons].

“If we just get rid of this little group, we’ll solve all the world’s problems. Salvation! It’s simple, it’s attractive, and that’s why so many people believe in it.”

Harari then compared the belief in the Kabal to Nazism.

He argues that the Nazis also believed that a cabal was trying to control the world.

“The basic idea of ​​the Nazis was that the Jews control the world,” he continued.

“Get rid of the Jews, solve all the world’s problems.”

During a discussion at the Warwick Economic Summit, Harari boasted that the world’s “elites” could soon use their immense power to prevent global mass extinction, which they themselves would create as part of a depopulation program.

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