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Colorado has a first-in-the-nation AI law, but what will it do? |

For those excited (or worried) about how AI could reshape society, Colorado is a place to watch, as the first state in the country to implement comprehensive regulations on the use of AI systems artificial in the decision-making of companies.

The new law won't go into effect until 2026, and a state task force will work on updates in the meantime, but supporters say the goal is to protect the public from any potential bias or discrimination embedded in AI systems and set up guardrails to ensure that technology is used ethically as companies continue to incorporate it and expand its role in decision-making.

“Whether people have insurance, or what their insurance rate is, or legal decisions, or employment decisions, whether they fire you or hire you, could depend on an AI algorithm,” warns the MP state Democrat Brianna Titone, one of the main sponsors of the bill.

Colorado's new law requires companies to inform people when an AI system is being used, and if someone believes the technology has treated them unfairly, it allows them to correct some of the input data or file a complaint . It won't allow a person to request the use of AI, but it does establish a process to study the potential consequences for bad actors.


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