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Col. Derek Harvey: GOP Representatives Allowed House Intel Committee To Keep Adam Schiff’s Staff.

Col. Derek Harvey, who previously served as an assistant to the President for Middle East affairs, has joined Steve Bannon’s War Room to discuss corruption in Washington D.C. among GOP members. He expresses his concern that investigations have not moved forward due to their alignment with Democrats, allowing Adam Schiff’s staff to continue to remain. Harvey points blame on Representative Mike Turner of Ohio for not fulfilling his fiduciary duty as chairman of the House Select Committee on Intelligence by surrendering leadership to Democrats. He highlights how members of the intelligence community are leveraging security clearances to make a profit, citing the example of the CCP-linked company Seqouia and their association with a Democrat intelligence “revolving door” firm, which has come under scrutiny and faced push back from the U.S. government.

You can read the full post on Stephen K Bannon’s War Room.

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