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CNN sounds alarm over Biden’s poll numbers ‘lowest for any US president at this point in his first term’

CNN sounds alarm over Biden’s poll numbers ‘lowest for any US president at this point in his first term’

CNN’s Kate Bolduan recently broke down the latest Washington Post/ABC News poll on President Joe Biden’s approval rating and hypothetical matchups in 2024. Let’s just say CNN is sounding the alarm bells already.

“In the first real snapshot, if you will, of President Biden’s position since his re-election announcement, voters are saying he has real work to do,” he said. “And that’s even among his own party.”

“A new poll from the Washington Post, ABC News found that 58 percent of Democrats and Democratic-leaning independents want the party, their party, to nominate someone else,” he continued.

“Biden’s overall approval rating also remains underwater,” he added. “36% Approval, Washington Post Poll, ABC News”.

“This is the lowest for any American president at this point in his first term,” he continued. “This goes back to Harry Truman.”

CNN reporter Arlette Saenz also expressed concern about Biden’s abysmal poll numbers.

“It shows some challenging numbers for President Biden as he’s just under two weeks into his re-election campaign,” Saenz said.

“One of the concerns that voters have expressed has to do with their mental acuity,” he added. “If you look at this poll, only 32 percent of voters said the president, who is 80 years old, has the mental acuity to serve effectively.”

“Compare that to former President Donald Trump, where only 54 percent of voters said the former president, who is 76, has the mental acuity to serve effectively,” he noted.

As Trending Politics recently reported, Donald Trump is currently being “crushed” by Biden in a new Harvard/Harris poll.

“According to the poll, Trump’s popularity has soared, with a staggering 47 percent of respondents expressing unwavering support for the Republican front-runner over President Joe Biden,” the report said. “This is a remarkable increase of 7% compared to previous polls. In stark contrast, Biden is behind, with only 40% of respondents supporting his presidency.

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