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CNN: Small donors are now a problem for democracy

CNN: Small donors are now a problem for democracy

CNN says the quiet part out loud again. They hate ordinary Americans and bow down and bend the knee to the so-called elites.

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Notice how Dana Bash doesn’t back down even a little bit.

Below is a longer version, from the clip above, of The newspaper that calls to give more context.

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In case you missed exactly why they say what they say, Donald Trump is absolutely crushing every other GOP candidate when it comes to actual people donating to their campaigns. It’s just another variation on his “Orange Man Bad” theme.

Meanwhile, they seem to be forgetting about supposed small donors to Democrats through ActBlue. That’s because a massive money laundering operation to get Democrats elected doesn’t exactly fit their narrative. In fact, it could be argued that they are in the business of helping Democrats get elected and stay in power through dishonest means.

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