A CNN reporter appeared stunned after interviewing several Trump supporters who said Joe Biden will NEVER be their president, and that they’re going to Washington D.C. to see President Trump sworn in for a second term.

“Are Trump and his supporters just sore losers?” CNN reporter Donie O’Sullivan asked a pair of Trump supporters.

“No. We haven’t lost,” the man said simply.

“Will you accept Joe Biden as president?” the CNN reporter asked.

“No. He will never be my president,” the man replied.

“Mkay…but you know, you accept that he’s going to be inaugurated?”

“No, I don’t.”

“How could that change at this point?” the CNN reporter asked.

“There could be a civil war, you never know,” the man said.

When asked if he wants a civil war, the man replied: “I don’t. Show us the voting machines. Show us the ballots. Show us that this was a fair election, or we’ll never accept another vote again. Ever.”

“So he’ll be president for 2 more weeks,” O’Sullivan told another Trump supporter.

“No, he will be president until 2024,” she replied.

By the end of the segment, a dumbfounded CNN anchor Don Lemon stares into the screen for a moment before shaking his head and calling Trump supporters “crazy.”

The time is now head to DC — let your voice be heard.

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