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CNN: Kill your dogs for the climate, bigot! – The Donald – America First

The third world just smells, it’s the byproduct of people living in unsanitary conditions completely surrounded by filth and disease, going about their daily lives doing what humans do: sleeping, eating, peeing, fucking. And most of these things are done in ways that have zero environmental concerns, zero health concerns, or anything else that the European world brought to the world by white people who colonized much of the world’s borders.

Nor have they ever progressed beyond any of this. Like most 3rd world crap they only have infrastructure/technology they’ve been able to import from somewhere else.

And when they do, it often falls into disrepair very quickly and ends up being horribly maintained because no one knows how to do it.

Things like indoor plumbing, electricity, etc. end up being a luxury in these parts of the world.

So I guess when you’re used to jungle squatting and shitting anywhere you feel like it, you don’t just learn NOT to do that when you’re introduced to a first world nation.

Who would have thought.

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